How is enjoyable town of Flagstuff ?

Flagstaff is a small town located in between Grand canyon and Las Vegas. I recommend there very much.


When you go to Grand canyon without tours, a lot of you go through Flagstaff. In particular, most people who depart Las Vegas would go or stay Flagstaff and it’s a standard way  to go to Grand canyon.


By the way, I also traveled Grand canyon without tours so i will explain about Flagstaff.





Flagstaff is sightseeing spot known as a passing spot to Grand canyon. It takes 2 hours. And it costs $150 by taxi or $50 by exclusive bus.

I will explain there in terms of  safety, sightseeing and host house.


by the way, you want to know how to go to Grand canyon from Las Vegas, check here.

→ here


There a lot of restaurants, local super like an amusement park, Amtrak train which can take you LA from there without transfer and local cityscape that make your travel more deep.

I thought Flagstaff is one of passing spot but there is better than i expected.


CITYSCAPE in Flagstaff






Because I had a plan to go to LA from flagstaff, I enjoyed only around the Amtrak station.

“whole food market” is the market i went to. Restaurants and cafe exist around the station a lot.


AMTRAK station in Flagstaff


One of good points in Flagstaff is the existing of Amtrak station. Amtrak is the long moving train and bed train. As i said you can go to LA directly. So if you ride it, you can across the USA.







HOST HOUSE in Flagstaff

There a lot of airbnb host house than hotel. Airbnb is share host house service.

I think most people who go to Flagstaff stay for just sleeping. So I recommend to use airbnb than staying hotel. And airbnb is so cheap!


SIGHTSEEING in Flagstaff


I couldn’t enjoy  sightseeing whole day. So i can’t say details. But I want to introduce just a super market.


The super market was too big to walk around for a few minutes. I understood big market in japan is just a standard market in USA. Because the commodities are american like red, green or yellow, I felt the atmosphere is flesh than japan.

I know this is not sightseeing but this make me like travel.

Please buy food and beverage for people who use Amtrak train. If you don’t have food, all you do in train is sleeping.









SAFETY in Flagstaff


It is so safe.

first day, I paid attention a lot because of there are a few lights. But No person look like crime so don’t worry. And there are some tourist to go to Grand canyon. So the  town is cleaned for tourist.

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